Compact hard PVD Functional Coating S800

Compact hard PVD Functional Coating S800
  • Compact system (H2200 x W1650 x L3500)
  • Utilities in a single part of the unit
  • Extremely short utility commissioning
  • Fast to install
Performances Specifications
- High productivity, fast cycle time
- Internal chamber size (mm): 800 x 1050
- Easy to use, easy to service and maintain
- Usable plasma volume (mm): D500 x H550
- Up to 1-4 materials for coating design
- Bias power supply: DC pulsed 15 or 20 kW
- High performance coating
- Arc power supply: DC 250 A or 400 A pulsed
- Glow discharge etching and metal ion etching
- Shank tools capacity Ø6 x 50 mm: 1500 pcs/batch
- Recipes: TiN, CrN, TiCN, AlTiN, AlCrN, AlTiSiN, ...
- Hobs tools capacity Ø80 x 180 mm: 24 pcs/batch

- Cycle time for 2 µm AlTiN: 4h