HT Diffusion pump

HT Diffusion pump
  • Highest throughput of comparative sized pumps 
  • Earliest crossover pressure of similar sized pumps. 
  • Excellent maximum backing line pressure and tolerance to gas surges 
  • Comparative pumping speed to similar sized pumps. 
  • Integral cold cap for best performance and low back streaming. 
  • Self fractionating for low ultimate pressures. 
  • Easy change heater assembly.

The Edwards Diffstak vapour diffusion pumps are compact, water-cooled  pumps with integral cooled baffles which provide exceptionally clean  pumping. The proven design ensures very low backstreaming, reduced  outgassing and minimized sealing requirements. These pumps are offered  with integral manual or pneumatic high vacuum valves.

The HT high throughput series is the pinnacle of our diffusion pump knowledge with technology aimed specifically at industrial users. Edwards diffusion pump is designed for all light and heavy duty industrial applications.

Technical Data

Units HT10 HT16B HT20B
Comparative pumping speed

     Nitrogen ls-1 4650 11580 18000
ISO Pumping Speed at 10-3 mbar

     Nitrogen ls-1
2900 6700 8000
     Helium ls-1
4900 8500 16000