EPX High Vacuum

EPX High Vacuum
  • Atm. to < 10⁻⁶ mbar
    In a single pump, thanks to a unique and patented mechanism designed and manufactured by Edwards
  • Compact Footprint
    EPX is smaller than the equivalent turbomolecular pump and primary pump combination
  • Ultra Clean Mechanism
    EPX pumps have no oil or grease under vacuum and present no other source of potential contamination
  • Unique Patent Protected Pumping Mechanism
    The EPX series uses a unique, patented, single-shaft regenerative and Holweck® stage mechanism
  • 10 Years
    Low cost of ownership with up to ten years completely maintenance free

The EPX is a unique pump, patented and designed by Edwards, that is capable of pumping from Atmospheric pressure to 10⁻⁴ and 10⁻⁶, and ideal even in demanding cycling applications

Edwards EPX sizes

Peak pumping speed
175 175 500 500
Ultimate vacuum
mbar <1x10-4
Cooling water consumption
l/h 120 120 120 120
Power at ultimate
kW 1.4 1.6 1.4 1.6
Noise at ultimate
dBA <56 <56 <56 <56