Extruder Degassing Module System

Extruder Degassing Module System
  • Simple to operate
    The EXDM system easily integrates into your existing system.
  • Kinder on the environment 
    The proven Edwards dry technology gives you an added advantage.
  • Built-in solvent flush 
    The built-in solvent flush dissolves and removes any condensable build-up.
  • Complete systemisation available
    This may include multiple pump systems, customised filtration systems and integrated automatic controls.
  • Wide range of accessories available
    Accessories supplied include filters, gauges, gas purges, inlet isolation valves, monitors and controls from gauges to fully enclosed bespoke control units.

The EXDM system for processing plastics is capable of handling solids, liquids and provide reliable vacuum with minimal environmental impact. There is a vacuum solution for every application. 

  • Plastics Recycling
  • Polymer & Bio-based Resin production
  • Film and Sheet Production
  • Extruder Degassing
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Compounding and Masterbatch Processing
  • Mould Venting and Evacuation
  • EPS Foaming

Technical specifications

Units EDC 065 V EDC 150 V EDC 300 V
Ultimate pressure mbar(a)/“HG V/Torr 50/28.4/37.5 50/28.4/37.5 140/25.7/105
Cooling (COOL)
Air Cooled
Supply Voltage 50Hz 200/230/400/500 200/230/400/500 200/230/400/500
60Hz 200/230/380/460/575 200/230/380/460/575 200/230/380/460/575
Dual (60Hz only) Dual voltage 230/460 Dual voltage 230/460 Dual voltage 230/460
Maximum displacement @50 Hz (m³/h) 67 152 295
@60 Hz (m³/h) 81 184 347
Nominal motor power @50Hz (kW/Hp) 1.8 3.7 6.2
@60Hz (kW/Hp) 2.2 4.4 7.5
Mean Sound pressure level dB(A) 50Hz/60Hz 73.4/76 76/80 80/83
Gear Box Oil Type

Permissible ambient temperature range is 0° to 40°C/32° to 104°F.
Pumping speed based on air at 20°C/70°F. Tolerance +/- 10%.