IDX Dry Screw

IDX Dry Screw
  • 1.000-1.300 m³/h
    Plus larger capacities if combined with Roots Boosters
  • Atm. to 0.05 mbar
    Increased productivity and product quality
  • Industry proven, tried and tested
    Specifically designed for chemical applications
  • Designed and tested for safety and reliability
    Stable operation, even during process upsets
  • Low cost of ownership
    Easy maintenance, low utilities consumption and no cooling gas injection required

The IDX1000 is the benchmark in performance for fast pump-down of large chambers and high capacity pumping for industrial processes

IDX pump sizes

Pumping speed
1000 1300
Ultimate pressure
mbar 0.05 0.05
Power Motor
kW 30 30
dB(A) 82 82