Active Thermocouple Gauge

Active Thermocouple Gauge
  • Drive electronics mount directly on the gauge tube
    which simplifies the system design and saves valuable rack space
  • Wide range regulated internal power supply
    runs from standard d.c. power supplies from +13.5 to +36 V and is tolerant to voltage fluctuations
  • Standard analogue outputs of 0 to +10V d.c
    and gauge identifier allows for easy interface with a computer or PLC and provides fault output indication.
  • Adjustable set-point with vacuum status LED
    can be used for process control and interlocking and includes a digital vacuum status signal with set-point level ready visually.
  • Low output impedance and integral Faraday shield
    provides a high level of noise immunity and permits long cable runs of up to 100 metres

Edwards Active Thermocouple Gauge (ATC-E) is suitable for measuring from 50 to 10-3 Torr, with integral set-point for OEM use and LED indication of vacuum status.

The ATC-E mounts directly onto either ATC-D or ATC-M thermocouple tubes to form a compact stand-alone transducer to simplify the system design and save valuable racking space. The ATC-E electronics module drives both medium and low pressure gauge tubes, providing a cost effective measuring solution for higher pressures.

Active thermocouple gauges are ideally suited where a simple rugged gauge is required to measure higher pressures.

Technical Data

Pressure range
mbar 65 to 6.5 x 10-2
1.3 to 1.3 x 10-5
Max internal overpressure
bar 10.3 bar absolute
3.4 bar absolute
Temperature at vacuum
°C 250 300
Temperature at atmosphere
°C 30 6