GV80 Dry Claw

GV80 Dry Claw
  • 80 m³/h
    390 m³/h in combination with our EH500 Booster
  • < 0.3 mbar
    Increased productivity and product quality
  • Robust and Reliable
    Specifically designed for demanding applications.
  • Consistent
    Consistent and repeatable performance. High and repeatable product quality.
  • Dry
    No oil changes and waste oil disposal. No disposal cost, environmentally friendly.

Drystar80 is the most cost effective introduction to basic dry pumping. It is available as a standalone unit for 80 m³/h or in a combination with the respected EH500 mechanical booster for 500m³/h and lower vacuum levels

GV80 GV80/EH500
Peak pumping speed
m3/h 80 390
Ultimate pressure
mbar 0.03 0.003
Power at ultimate
kW 3.6 4.3
Motor power
kW 4 6.6
Noise Level
dBA <78 <78