ELD500 Precision Leak Detector

ELD500 Precision Leak Detector
  • Fully automated leak detector
    Designed for fast, accurate leak detection
  • Ready to go mobile solution
    Bench top or trolley mounted
  • Customisable for any application
    Three primary pump variants. Leak rate or sniffer mode
  • Low cost of ownership
    Low energy consumption, extended warranty and even longer life ion source
  • High stability and accuracy
    Excellent repeatable accuracy, integrated test leak source and high quality mass spectrometer

Edwards new ELD500 fully automated leak detector has arrived. It’s designed for fast, accurate leak detection in a wide range of applications and is fully mobile with an easy to use control interface. Edwards ELD500 is your perfect partner in leak detection.

Technical Data

Lowest detectable helium leak rate

     Vacuum operation
mbar l/s
<5 x 10-12
<3 x 10-11
<5 x 10-12*
     Sniffer operation
mbar l/s
<7 x 10-9
<7 x 10-9
<7 x 10-9
Maximum measurable helium leak rate

     Vacuum operation
mbar l/s
> 0.1
> 0.1
> 0.1
Measurement ranges
12 12 12
Pumping speed during pumpdown
2.5 1.6 N/A
Helium pump speed in the fine mode
3.1 3.1 3.1
Time constant for leak rate signal
< 1 < 1 < 1
Time until ready for operation
< 2 < 2 < 2