Residual Gas Analysers

Residual Gas Analysers

Total pressure measurement

dual filament

On unit display

customer replaceable parts

Protection of Ion source and EM

degas function

Our new RGA includes two variants: PRA and WRA, both come with simple and effective operation assuring high performance and efficiency

PRA primary residual gas analyser

Edwards PRA RGAs deliver the perfect balance of high end performance and accessibility. Available in four variants to suit your process needs, whether you just need a basic model or something with more sensitivity/range, the PRA is the perfect starting point for analysing your processes.


WRA wide range residual gas analyser

Edwards WRA RGAs are our top of the line models, with market leading specifications. Available in two variants 1-200 or 1-300 amu, you can measure a wide range of gasses/by-products from your processes. This is paired with increased sensitivity compared to the PRA to allow for greater accuracy from your measurements