pXH Mechanical Booster

pXH Mechanical Booster
  • 6.965 - 8.358 m³/h
    Larger displacement that equivalent competitor models, faster pump-down times
  • Inverter driven control
    Inverter driven control for ‘Plug and Pump’, flexible operation and automated control of your process
  • Simple Installation
    No need for pressure switches, bypass lines or variable frequency drives.
  • Robust & Reliable
    Designed to withstand harsh industrial applications.
  • Consistent output
    Reliable and repeatable performance

The pXH pumps represent the new generation of large mechanical boosters providing high pumping capacity with reduced footprint.

pXH sizes

6965 8358
Drive type

inverter inverter
Inlet connection
ISO 200 250
Outlet connection
ISO 160 160
Motor rating
kW 7.5 7.5