nXLi Dry Pump

nXLi Dry Pump
  • 110 / 200 m³/h 
    Two pumping speeds. Hermetically Sealed, innovative mechanism
  • < 0.02 mbar
    Superior vacuum levels achieved
  • Intelligent drive
    Transient overload protection
  • <57 dB(A)
    Smooth, low noise and vibration operation
  • No routine maintenance

Performance is at the core of nXLi. The intelligent drive enables the system to achieve an enhanced performance plateau from single phase power supply, and a consistent worldwide operation from a 200 - 230 V (+/-10%) 50/60 Hz single phase supply. The choice of control options are either manual, simple remote or serial communications (RS485 with modbus command set). These may be utilised to provide real control for the system builder.

nXLi sizes

nXL110i  nXL200i
Peak pumping speed
110 200
Ultimate pressure
mbar <0.02 <0.02
Power at Ultimate
kW 0.65 0.65
Power at typical (2-10 mbar)
kW 0.7 - 0.9 0.7-0.9
Noise at Ultimate dB(A) 56.7 56.7