nXRi Dry Multistage Roots Pumps

nXRi Dry Multistage Roots Pumps

Compact footprint

Optimise your space!

Unrivalled performance

When you need it!

Energy efficient

Reduce your costs!

Zero contamination

Experience the difference!

Your application

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Edwards has revolutionised the vacuum pump market with the new nXRi high performance, compact dry pump.

Technical specifications

Peak pumping speed
nXR60i 60 m3h-1

nXR90i 90 m3h-1
Ultimate vacuum (total pressure)
 0.02 mbar (0.015 Torr)
Inlet flange 
Outlet flange 
Maximum permitted outlet pressure

 0.2 bar gauge
0.2 bar gauge
Operating temperature range 
+5 to +40°C (+41 to +104°F)
Nominal rotational speed 
15000 rpm
Voltage input 
100-127/200-240 V (+/-10%), switchable
Mains frequency 
50/60 Hz
Power connector 
1-ph IEC EN60320 C19
Power at ultimate
 450 W
Leak tightness
 < 1x10-6 mbar ls-1
 29 kg (64 lb)
Noise at ultimate vacuum
 55 dB(A)
Vibration at inlet flange 
< 2.0 mm/s