NEW - nEXT730 and nEXT930

NEW - nEXT730 and nEXT930

Outstanding compression ratios

Class leading pumping speeds 

Ease of integration and installation

Assured reliability

End user service capability

Full nEXT established communication interface

NEW - nEXT730 and nEXT930 turbomolecular pumps

Edwards are proud to introduce two new additions to the nEXT product family, the nEXT730 and the nEXT930.

With the nEXT730 and nEXT930, Edwards is extending the range of our market leading nEXT platform with two new larger pumps offering speeds significantly over 700 l/s and 900 l/s for nitrogen.

nEXT730D                                   nEXT930D
ISO-K 160   CF 160                         ISO-K 200    CF 200
Main inlet pumping speed Units
N2 ls-1 l/s 730 925
He ls-1 l/s 820 905
H2 ls-1 l/s 715 735
Ar ls-1 l/s 665 865
Peak compression ratio from the backing port to the main inlet port
N2 >1011 >1011
He 1.2X108 1.2X108
H2 4X106 4X106
Ar >1011 >1011
Ultimate pressure (mbar) (CF) 3.0X10-10 3.0X10-10
Weight (kg) 14.6 19.6 15.4 21.7
Throughput at full speed:
N2 mbar l/s 14 14
He mbar l/s 21 21
H2 mbar l/s >14 >14
Ar mbar l/s 3.5 3.5