Low Vacuum Oven LVO

Low Vacuum Oven LVO

Some key points to choose a "good vacuum oven" :

  • The quality of its construction which validates the required performance
  • The optimized design which gives exceptional performance
  • Solid construction which guarantees total safety
  • Radiant heating which allows meticulous cleaning
  • The thickness of the window which is an element of security
  • The connection to the vacuum pump which must be easy and adapt to all models
  • Simple vacuum regulation
  • Aluminum tray which distributes the heat evenly
  • Temperature controls which are easily carried out with precision and reliability
  • Perfect insulation
  • The tightness of the door
  • Mastery of vacuum temperature control

Our Vacuum ovens LVO are suitable for drying* of sensitive products, thermal treatments of oxidizable materials, quick drying of powders and granulate... in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics, electronics, chemical, agrifood… laboratories or industries.

* For any drying application, please contact us to explain exactly your need to We will help you to find the products adapted to your needs.

Max temperature : 200°C**
** We can make vacuum ovens above 200°C, consult us !

Vacuum range :
from 0 to -1000 mbar (relative pressure)

6 sizes : 20, 51, 110, 220, 316 and 512 liters.

A solid construction
for lasting performance.

Exterior made of steel coated with blue and white epoxy paints The inner casing is made of corrosion resistant strong thick stainless steel.


No contact between the inner and outer casings for no thermal bridge. Insulation is made of asbestos-free glass wool : low surface temperature, low electrical consumption, a rapid rise in temperature.


The door is equipped with a thick safety glass.


A silicone gasket provides the seal of the door. It may be replaced by a viton seal (optional). Closing the door by adjustable clamps.


The rounded corners of the inner casing make easier cleaning operations ; the racks and the seal are easy-to-remove.

An efficient heating.

Heating is ensured by heating elements located on outer faces of the inner casing for the best homogeneity.

Note : the temperature sensor is fastened on the wall inside the oven. Therefore, there is a difference between the temperature on the tray and that displayed on the temperature controller of the oven.

Easy temperature controls.

Vacuum ovens LVO feature a DN16KF passage with a silicone plug. It is possible to introduce up to 4 temperature sensors for temperature measurements inside the oven.

An easy connection of your vacuum pump.

The electrical connection of the vacuum pump is made directly to the back of the oven. Teats allow the pumping of air and vacuum breaking (LVO-020 and LVO-050). From LVO-120 model, pumping connector type is KF.

A reliable vacuum control

The digital vacuum controller displays the indoor relative pressure of 0 to -1000 mbar.

A switch on the control panel allows to achieve the maximum vacuum level of your vacuum pump, or to maintain a constant level of pressure preset on the controller.

Note : It is possible to change the vacuum level at any time of the cycle by changing the value on the vacuum controller. If the desired level is lower : air is pumped automatically. If the desired level is higher : first make the air manually enter inside the oven and then it will be pumped up the desired level.

The C3000 temperature controller : accuracy and reliability. 

The C3000 temperature controller is a highly accurate and highly reliable microprocessor. Very efficient and extremely easy to use. Measurement by PT100 sensor. PID electronic regulator. Accuracy: 0.1°C.

Functions :

  • Setpoint display and that measured.
  • Delayed Start : 1min to 99h59min.
  • Heat ramp.
  • Heating timer from 0 to 99h59min.
  • Repeat loop.
  • Buzzer at the end of a cycle.
  • Over temperature alarm.

Protections for your oven and your products.

An adjustable and non-resettable mechanical thermostat (class 3.1 protection) protects the oven/product against overheating. It measures the temperature in the volume, and supports the regulation in case of failure of the temperature controller.

It stops heating until the temperature has dropped below the value of its setting. With visual and audible alarm.

Note : It's possible to control the oven with a computer through a RS232 cable.

Loading trays

Vacuum ovens LVO are provided with 1 aluminum tray.

Multiple load levels are available for easy loading and unloading.

Each tray can hold up to 30 kg distributed.

Guide bars have an anti-tilting system.

The racks are easily removable for easy cleaning.

Our LVO vacuum ovens are suitable to realise all those applications:

  • Moderate drying for sensitive products
  • Fast drying
  • Degassing / Degassing of metal
  • Bleeding
  • Heating of metal parts for surface treatment
  • The vacuum avoids oxidation by air
  • Polymerization vacuum -> without oxidation
  • Degassing silicone parts for manufacturers of connectors
  • Sensor of high pressure that must be filled with special oil to protect the sensing element: remove the air from the cavity to fill with oil (vacuum)
  • Test / Calibration of barometers
  • Degassing gel candles to eliminate air bubbles
  • Dehydration of powder solvend soaked
LVO range LVO-020 LVO-050 LVO-120 LVO-240 LVO-320 LVO-512

Temperature range : Ambient temperature + 0°C to 200°C
Max standard temperature : 200°C
Temperature fluctuation : ± °C < 0.2 < 0.2 < 0.2 < 0.2 < <
Internal sizes
Chamber size : dm3 20 51 110 220 316 512
Width : mm 250 320 470 470 650 800
Depth : mm 320 500 500 1000 750 800
Height : mm 250 320 470 470 650 800
External sizes
Volume about : m3 0.18 0.3 0.61 0.97 1.22 1.76
Width : mm 516 580 810 810 992 1130
Depth : mm 576 751 844 1347 1098 1228
Height : mm 610 680 890 890 1120 1270
Provided / Maximum :
1 / 4 1 / 5 1 / 8 1 / 8 1 / 11 1 / 15
Sizes WxD : mm 224 x 280 294 x 460 444 x 460 444 x 960 624 x 710 772 x 760
Max weight shelf / Total: kg 30 / 60 30 / 60 30 / 90 30 / 90 30 / 120 30 / 200
Other informations
Number of doors :
1 1 1 1 1 1
Viewing window WxH: (option) mm 0 0 0 0

Weight (empty) : kg 60 85 170 235 315 370
Electrical data
Heating power 200° Watts 800 1200 2400 3600 6000 9000
Power : Volts 230V ~1P 50Hz 16A 230V ~1P 50Hz 16A 230V ~1P 50Hz 16A 230V ~1P 50Hz 20A 400V ~3P + N 50Hz 16A 400V ~3P + N 50Hz 20A
Ref Image Description
PL-0051 Vacuum profiler
4 programs of 16 steps each. Automatically change the vacuum level during your process.
PL-0052 Temperature profiler
4 programs with 16 steps each. Allows you to heat at different temperatures during your process.
PL-0053 Temperature+vacuum profiler and recorder
Allows the creation of temperature and vacuum programs (up to 100 programs with 25 steps). Record the measured values. 2 extra channels. With USB and RJ45 plugs.
PL-0054 Door gasket made of Viton
Door silicone gasket changed by viton gasket (limited to 200°C)

Ref Image Description
PL-0040 Data logger with 2 channels
Saves the temperatures measured by 2 mobile sensors.
PL-0041 Portable paperless recorder with graphical screen 4 channels
Color graphical display for real monitoring of temperature changes. With USB and RJ45 plugs, and 4 connectors for mobile sensors.
PL-0042 Vacuum kit up to 1 mbar
Oil sealed vacuum pump with 1 m flexible hose and oil filter
PL-0043 Software for data logger with 2 channels
Can set data logger and retrieve stored data.
PL-0044 Vacuum kit 10 mbar
Diaphragm vacuum pump with flexible hose
PL-0045 Subframe with castors
Elevates the oven for a better loading comfort. Safety glass at the front. Clever storage of the vacuum pump inside. 4 castors, two with brakes.
PL-0046 Subframe with feet for XFL/XFM
Elevates the oven for a better loading comfort. Height adjustable feet.
PL-0047 Thermocouple J probe
Stainless steel. Length of 2m. With plug and shutter to be placed in passage DN16.
PL-0048 Subframe with feet
Elevates the oven for a better loading comfort. Safety glass at the front. Clever storage of the vacuum pump inside. Height adjustable feet.
PL-0049 Subframe with castors for XFL/XFM
Elevates the oven for a better loading comfort. 4 castors, two with brakes.
PL-0050 Aluminium tray with guide bars
Max distributed loading 30 kg. With 2 anti-tilting guide bars.