Air Admit Valve NW10

Air Admit Valve NW10
  • Normally open or normally closed option
  • Small envelope
  • IP65 protection
  • MTTF 500,000 cycles

The IPVA10EK is a solenoid operated valve designed for automatic admittance of air or vent gas into a vacuum system. The valve has two ports with NW flanges. One of the valve ports is connected to the vacuum system, the other port can be left open to atmosphere or connected to a vent gas supply. The vacuum system is isolated from atmosphere (or the vent gas supply) by a fluoroelastomer pad on the base of the valve plunger, which seals against the body of the valve.

Technical Data

Leak rate
mbar l/s
Operating temperature range
°C -20 to 55
Venting rate

10 litres in 12 s
g 350