Solenoid Operation Isolation Valves

Solenoid Operation Isolation Valves
  • Economical design
  • Electrical actuation
  • Low power requirements
  • Electronic boost power supply
  • Efficient magnetic design

Edwards’ aluminium LCPVEK valves are designed for vacuum applications which need a compact, simple, solenoid operation valve to control gas flow. These economical valves are ideal for a number of duties ranging from simple laboratory pump isolation to OEM vacuum system integration and design. The valve has two ports with NW flanges at 90 degrees to each other and maybe mounted in either direction, making them effective in both vacuum pipelines and in chamber admittance applications.

Careful design of the solenoid power control and vacuum isolation components delivers efficient magnetic actuation with optimum vacuum performance at an affordable price.

Technical Data

Molecular conductance
1.5 1.5
Leak rate
mbar l/s Typically 10-6
Typically 10-6
Pressure range
mbar 1x10-6 to 1000
1x10-6 to 1000
Operating temperature range
°C -10 to 55
-10 to 55
g 900 900