Solenoid Operation In-Line Isolation Valves

Solenoid Operation In-Line Isolation Valves
  • Transient high power for opening
    electronically switched
  • Low energy consumption
    in the ‘hold open’ position
  • Enclosure rating to IP55
  • Grease free vacuum
  • MTTF up to 500000 cycles

The Edwards IPVEK series valves are compact, light-weight electromagnetic vacuum valves suitable for use in vacuum pipeline systems down to 1 x 10-9 mbar. A double wound coil combined with an electronic switching circuit ensures low energy consumption, low operating temperatures and extended operating life.

Bellows sealed, the IPVEK solenoid operated in-line valves are available with either aluminium (A) or stainless steel (S) bodies, with an overall MTTF of up to 500,000 cycles.

Technical Data

Molecular conductance
l/s 2 6 15
Leak rate
mbar l/s <10-9
Pressure range valve open
mbar 1x10-9 to 2000
1x10-9 to 2000
1x10-9 to 2000
Bellows reliability MTTF
cycles 500000
Ambient operating temperature
°C 5 to 45
5 to 45
5 to 45
Weight (Aluminium)
g 800 1800 4600
Weight (Stainless Steel)
g 1200 2500 6800